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Gas Guide: $4 Barrier Cracked by Most Local Stations

Empire Gas Station in Rocky Point at $3.97 is cheapest you'll find in our area.

Well it finally happened. The dreaded $4 barrier has been broken by the majority of most local gas stations and many stations on Long Island, with the average on the island now at $4.031 per gallon according to longislandgasprices.com. Prices and information below provided by motortrend.com.

Station Address Price Citgo 557 Route 25a, Rocky Point $4.05 Hess 370 Route 25a & Miller Place Rd. $3.99 BP 356 Route 25a Miller Place $3.99 Sunoco Rt 25a & North Country Rd
Rocky Point $4.07 Valero 767 Route 25a Mt. Sinai $4.05 Sunoco 525 Route 25a Mt. Sinai $4.06 Gulf New York Ave. Sound Beach $4.09 Gulf 260 Echo Ave. Sound Beach $4.05 Empire 779 Route 25a Rocky Point $3.97 BP 367 Route 25a Rocky Point $4.12
MEL KARP April 17, 2011 at 02:43 PM
who out there keeps raising the prices ( the stock market is closed ?? ) how can prices of oil go up we have tankers with oil in them that are sitting & waiting to be off loaded , oil pricing going up as the ship sits (WAKE UP & ASK FOR AN ANSWER ??
Mark Blaha April 17, 2011 at 07:10 PM
it's speculators...summer driving season upon us ....this won't last there will be demand destruction and no one wants to derail any economic growth that we have had even if it is anemic at best


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