Bites Nearby: Not Just Your Average Sushi Bar

Domo Sushi promises fresh, inventive, healthy, delicious Japanese food for the overworked, underappreciated, stressed-out soul on the day he or she has worked a little too late ...

Overview: Domo Sushi is like that best friend who is always there for you: a reliable pleasure to see on the day that things are going well, but really a treasured respite on the day when things aren't. The food is delicious, environment clean and spacious with many comfortable private booths, the art and decor stylish and chic, and service splendid – but there is an additional ineffable welcoming warmth that permeates this restaurant which tells you "everything is going to be OK."

Shelley, our hostess, asked us for our names when we walked in and didn't forget them throughout our meal. She and our waitress frequently checked in to make sure we'd have whatever we needed. The Sushi chefs made sure to catch our eye, smile at us, as if to assure us that they went that extra mile with the rolls we'd ordered. They had. Each bite packed a flavorful punch – just what you want to sensorially be experiencing at the end of a long day.     

Decor: Domo Sushi is laid out to incorporate hip, contemporary motifs into a comfortable setting that beckons discreet conversation with your dining party. It has the feel of big-city elegance but the accessibility and relaxing ambiance of small-town dining. You will not feel rushed through your meal. The Sushi bar is a work of art, utterly spotless, fish colorfully presented and boldly arranged, and designed to encourage patrons to watch the chefs work. Visually, the artwork and walls feature pastel colors that lean toward the bright side, accentuated perfectly by the just-rightly dimmed lighting. With confidence, Domo Sushi puts the spotlight on the Sushi bar. 

Drinks: There is a variety of chilled and hot sake from which to choose – although you can't go wrong with the house sake. It is addictively tasty and noteworthily inexpensive. If you are not in the mood for sake, then there are a number of unexpected cocktails, also reasonably priced, you can order. The Blue Haven features Svedka vanilla, cruzan rum, pineapple juice and blue curacao. The Ultimat Saketini combines the best of both worlds, with Ultimat Vodka, sake and plum wine served "up." These and several other cocktails, all highest quality, average $7.50.

Appetizers and Entrees: The first thing to point out about the food at Domo Sushi is the staggering variety from which to choose – it boasts a seemingly endless Sushi bar, supplemented by weekly additions, and contains a number of hot teriyaki or tempura items to boot. Eating Domo Sushi's Miso soup ($2) you can practically feel that cold that you're nursing exit your body. It's wholesome like chicken soup, but so much better. The Yellowtail Ceviche we had as an appetizer was succulent: unbelievably fresh fish, an impressive selection of differently colored peppers ranging in spiciness, and a sauce that gave the overall dish just the right tangy zip. The Phoenix Roll ($13) and Salmon Samurai rolls ($13), likewise, burst forth with complementary flavors and textures that, well, you just don't see very often outside a metropolitan setting. The Chef's Special Roll ($9) involves (at least) jumbo shrimp tempura, cucumber, jalapeño, and wasabi peas crust. Healthy food never tasted so delicious. We topped off our fish with a Petit Hitsuji ($17), high-end grilled lamb shanks carefully spiced and crusted that were, again, to die for. It was a wonderful meal that strangely did leave us feeling to full.

Desserts: Scrumptious fried, exotically flavored Mochie ice cream (e.g. green tea, red bean), banana spring rolls, cheesecake tempura and fresh mango with purple sticky rice are some of the possibilities befit for your dining finale. It simply isn't possible to eat the ice cream without smiling.

Service: As good as service can get, which is saying something for a Japanese restaurant, where the service is always good. Shelley, in particular, the manager and hostess, is bubbly nice!

Domo Sushi
180 New York 25A
East Setauket, NY 11733

Phone: 631-751-2299

Nugget April 21, 2011 at 09:06 PM
Their bubble tea is amazing!!


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