Applied DNA Sciences Helps European Authorities Convict Drug Ring

Stony Brook based company's DNA product serves as evidence.

A synthetic DNA product developed by Applied DNA Sciences Inc. linked the cash to the criminals in a complex investigation into a European drug ring, the company announced Friday.

The Stony Brook-based company manufactured SigNature DNA, a botanical DNA product often used to mark cash, which was used as evidence in the trials of drug traffickers and money launderers convicted following a three-year investigation in Europe.

The judge who convicted the drug cartel members called them "sophisticated, devious and experienced professional criminals who had above average skills in anti-surveillance." According to the company, The investigation uncovered more than $400,000 worth of cocaine and other drugs along with close to $75,000 in cash, and sent 11 drug cartel members to prison.

"In cases like this, where sophisticated criminals can be difficult to find and convict, our SigNature DNA makes a watertight case," Dr. James Hayward, president and CEO of Applied DNA Sciences, said in a statement. "It proves legally and without doubt that the criminal is linked to a specific crime."

In 2011, Applied DNA Sciences scored to use its SigNature DNA to mark microchips for the Defense Logistics Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense.


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