Setauket Artists Exhibition Celebrates 30 Years

Works of more than 40 local artists on display at Setauket Neighborhood House.

Cars lined both sides of Main Street where the 30th Annual Artists' Exhibit was being held at the Setauket Neighborhood House  this past Sunday.  More than 40 artists are being featured during the exhibit which showcases many types of work, from oil and acrylic to watercolor and fiber dolls. The event honored artist and exhibit founder Flo Kemp. 

Exhibit coordinator Irene Ruddock was responsible for organizing the thirty-year old event. She expressed her gratitude to the artists for their cooperation in making the event a success.

"Getting together 44 artists is really a collaborative effort," she noted.

Ruddock's watercolors are on display at the exhibit, and some can be seen in the indie film 3 Backyards, where they were used as paintings made by Edie Falco's character.

All of the presenting artists expressed unique talent. It was judge Bennett Vadnais's task to select the few who would be awarded. 

Rick Mundy was the recipient of an Award of Excellence. Inspired by the Adirondacks and his love for camping, Mundy, a licensed Department of Environmental Conservation guide, enjoys capturing beautiful natural scenery as seen in The Crossing. His work Fishing Flies details in transparent watercolor the pheasant feathers, deer fur and synthetic fabrics used to make the flies.

"Each fly is a masterpiece," he said.

William Ferguson's pen and ink garnered him an Award of Merit. Honorable mentions also went to Flo Kemp, Eleanor Berger, Jane Teubner McGraw and Sungsook Seton.

Many of the local artists chose to honor the serenity of Three Village.

Patricia McGuigan's pastels The Grandstand and Stables are her interpretations of Old Field Farm.

 "There are so many pretty things to paint in this town," she said.

Bob Roehrig's muse was West Meadow Beach. He used oils to recreate a beautiful sunny day in Perfect Beach Day.

A tractor at her local farm stand inspired Stony Brook artist Barbara Jean Siegel to create her watercolor Tractor at Rest.

"The beauty of art is that you can improvise and accentuate what you want," she said.

 Artist Patricia Solan of Port Jefferson Station takes months to create the dolls on display that make up the members of her fabric family. The jester she created was featured in the book 500 Handmade Dolls.

"Someone asked me if they talk to me, I replied, 'not yet'," she said with a laugh.

All of the artwork will be on display at the Setauket Neighborhood House through Nov. 23. 


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