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Weekend Weather: The Coming Ice Age

It is ridiculous outside. Don't go out there.

It is just abysmally cold outside. If you can avoid it, don't walk around outside, don't stand near a window, don't look at anything that's recently been outside. It's crazy. 

Sadly, things aren't really going to warm up until next week, when the mid-30's will seem positively balmy. 

Here is the forecast from the National Weather Service:

Friday: It will be freezing, obviously, with a high around 24 during the day and an overnight low of about 18 degrees. It will feel colder with the wind chill. There is also a good chance we're going to get some snow once the sun goes down.

Saturday: It will be slightly warmer on Saturday, with a high approaching 30 degrees, but because of the wind you probably won't notice.

Sunday: Clear skies but still really cold. The wind is forecast to be lighter than Friday and Saturday.

Reminder: Nassau County has opened warming shelters for those in need.

Chris January 25, 2013 at 04:02 PM
I think it is time for you to put your big boy pants on and man up! It is called winter! It is about time we had a real winter. Lets not forget about the millions of mosquitoes that make our summer life uncomfortable. This weather will reduce the population. Have a bowl of oatmeal and an extra cup of coffee and start reporting on some real news for a change!!! Here are some topics just in case you are fresh out of ideas........The fiscal crisis that has paralyzed Nassau County.......The lack of a plan for the coliseum......The rise in crime in this County, street robberies, burglaries, longer response times of the NCPD.......The people who are still living in tents all along the south shore of Long Island. They are still waiting for assistance in sub zero temps using space heaters if they are lucky......The inaction of our local state government. Who is telling their story? I can go on an on........


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