New Church Opens its Doors in Stony Brook

Crossroads Church will hold an open house on Sunday.

Inside the great room at Crossroads Church (photo by Cathy DeGraw)
Inside the great room at Crossroads Church (photo by Cathy DeGraw)
A new Reformed Church of America congregation is growing in Stony Brook where another one recently closed its doors.

Crossroads Church, located at the corner of Oxhead Road and Pembrook Drive and led by Rev. Doyle DeGraw, is hosting an open house on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. to introduce themselves to the community and welcome potential new members.

"Expect a lot of friendly people, some good music, and a lot of energy and enthusiasm," DeGraw said. "We have a vision for something."

Crossroads Church is located in the former home of Christ Community Church, a 50-year-old congregation which closed in April after not having a pastor since 2009. Crossroads Church's journey to Stony Brook began in February of 2011 when the church multiplication arm of Reformed Church of America began to explore planting one in Stony Brook.

DeGraw and wife Cathy, who have four children and six grandchildren, moved to Stony Brook from Grand Rapids, Mich., in June of 2012. DeGraw, who formerly was the manager of a bank and the headmaster of a private school, said they like being in Stony Brook so far.

"We enjoy the pace of the community," he said. "We enjoy the diversity. There's a lot of things to do. We've found people to be very friendly."

He said Crossroads Church has three "spaces." The first is a space for celebration – the gathering of the community. The second is its missional community, in which groups within the congregation will work with other local organizations or community-based projects to support their missions. The third space will foster smaller groups for Bible study and related activities.

The church's regular services will not just include time for prayer and ministry, but also a teaching component based around a dialogue rather than a traditional monologue. There will be music, and time for people to visit with one another.

"We want this to be a place where people can come if they're at a crossroads in their life," DeGraw said. "This will be the place where they can get back on the right road."


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