Hot Spots for a Cool Smoothie in Three Village

Summer's not over yet! Check out these local places to grab a delicious smoothie.

Smoothies are a fun and often a healthy option during the hot summer months or anytime you want a cool treat. Three Village has a number of places to grab a delicious smoothie.

The Dish

The Dish in Stony Brook offers a variety of fruit smoothies, all of which can have coconut water added for an extra $1. Customers can choose from strawberry banana, pineapple mango banana, mango raspberry strawberry, and strawberry banana blueberry, all priced at $4.50.

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery, known for its massive ice cream creations, also offers "Sinless Smoothies" made with Splenda which start at only 110 calories. Some choices include Berry Lemony, Strawberry Bonanza, Citrus Sunsation, 2 to Mango, Berry Trinity and Man-Go Bananas. Cold Stone Creamery also offers a line of "Lifestyle Smoothies" that come with a boost, such as energy, antioxidant, protein, and anti-stress. Flavors include blueberry banana, pineapple coconut orange, strawberry banana, raspberry banana and mango pineapple.


Starbucks over the years has become much more than coffee and blended coffee drinks, and its Vivanno smoothie line is proof of that. The smoothies are offered in chocolate, orange mango, and strawberry, are made with whey protein and fiber powder, and can be made with regular or soy milk. They are all under 300 calories and are packed with fiber.

Setauket Village Diner Restaurant

All of the Setauket Village Diner Restaurant's smoothies are made with skim milk and fresh fruit, and are priced under $5. Some variations of these smoothies include a strawberry or banana health smoothie, as well as a strawberry banana smoothie.


America's favorite fast food chain nows offers two delicious smoothies in addition to its regular menu: strawberry banana and wild berry. Both are made with real fruit.

Bella Dolce

Bella Dolce in East Setauket serves up a variety of smoothies alongside ice cream, gelato, milkshakes and coffee drinks. Fruity flavors include strawberry, lemon, wildberry, and raspberry and lemon. All the smoothies are made with fresh fruit and can be mixed to create a new flavor experience.

Ralph's Italian Ices

This popular Italian ice and ice cream location also sells a large variety of smoothies as well. Flavors range from the more traditional mango, strawberry banana, pineapple and chocolate to fun, less traditional flavors like blue Hawaii, cherry bomb and frozen lemonade. Ralph's is also known for its "Ralphies," a cross between a smoothie and a coffee frappe.


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