Five Places to Shop for the Technophile

Here's a list of local places to find the right gift for the person who loves gadgets.

This year the hottest things on holiday wish-lists are the latest and greatest technologies. People are clamoring for 3D televisions, iPads, and Kindles. Photography enthusiasts are always searching for more pixels and the Canon Rebel. Gamers galore are itching for the new Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360.

Whichever item your tech addict is dreaming of, one of these local stores will likely have it.

Best Buy (261 Pond Path, South Setauket) This is the place where you can check off multiple people on your to-buy-for lists. Offering everything from gaming systems, cameras, HDTVs, computers and phones, Best Buy has you covered at great prices. Have a teen looking to ramp up the amps in their car? A certified Best Buy installer can hook up your car's sound system, or put in that remote starter to keep you warm in the cold days ahead.

Apple Store (Smith Haven Mall) Someone you know suffering from a mac attack? Quench their desires with the Macbook Air at the Apple Store, located in the Smith Haven Mall. Whether you are searching for a bigger and better MP3 player, an updated iPhone or a brand new iPad this is where to go. The store also offers daily workshops and events to help familiarize consumers with all the features at their fingertips.

Game Stop (4048 Nesconset Hwy, East Setauket, and in Smith Haven Mall) Is there an avid video game player in your life but you want to avoid the larger stores? You can get the latest games here including Red Dead Redemption, Halo: Reach, Call of Duty: Black Ops and God of War III. Not only can you get all the accessories for your favorite gamer, but because Game Stop also offers gently used items, you can get quite a steal. 

Brookstone (Smith Haven Mall) This store is made up of what technology geeks dream of. For the person who loves fancy devices, shiny buttons and techno doo-das, Brookstone has a toy for them. Increase the convenience factor in your home with a voice-activated grocery list organizer, automatic wine opener or wireless TV headphones to let your partner sleep soundly. Anything from travel accessories to audio and photography electronics can be found here.

(265 Pond Path, South Setauket) You'll really hit the bull's-eye if you bring home a gift from Target. Here you can find games and consoles, digital camcorders, televisions, GPS, computers and more. Grown-ups and teens aren't the only ones who want something futuristic for the holidays. There are plenty of kid-friendly electronics to choose from including children's laptops and portable DVD players. Do you have a tween who loves Hannah Montana? Get them a karaoke machine so they can sing like a rock star.


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