Finished Shoveling? Five Ways to Enjoy the Snow

Once the roads are passable, here are some suggestions for how to enjoy the snow day.

Remember those childhood days of building snowmen and throwing snowballs at your little brother? Wednesday's snow storm presents the perfect opportunity for grown-ups to relive those days or help their kids make snowy memories of their own.

1. Go sledding, but do it legally. While the golf course at St. George's is a favorite place for locals to go sledding, it's actually trespassing, and one staff member at the club had this to say on Tuesday: "We really do not condone the sledding. We have 'No Trespassing' signs up." Instead, try the field behind , recommended by Patch editor Jennifer Sloat, or the one at , recommended by Patch columnist Cheryl Donnelly.

2. Make a snowman, have a snowball fight, or build a snow fortress – like , built by a West Islip family during the December blizzard. Can you top that? E-mail pictures of your snow fun to christines@patch.com, and we'll include them in our snow slideshow (and show West Islip how it's done)!

3. Go for a snowy hike. Grab your snow gear, your camera, and a thermos of hot chocolate and head to , a spot recommended by Patch columnist Louise DiCarlo. "Avalon Park is awesome in the snow, a bit tricky to climb," she says.

4. Go cross-country skiing. Patch user Michael Dorn rented skiis in advance of the snow storm, planning to go cross-country skiing behind . During a recent interview, Brookhaven naturalist Eileen Gerle also recommended Trustees Road at for cross-country skiing.

5. Enjoy it from the inside. You don't have to be outside to appreciate the snow. Sit by the window to watch the neighborhood under its snowy blanket and curl up with a good book. Catch up on some letter-writing, organization projects, or phone calls.


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