Family Chronicles a Day at Avalon Park on Outdoor Fun Website

Family agrees with many locals – Stony Brook's Avalon Park is a gem.

Photo Courtesy 1 Quest 2 The Next
Photo Courtesy 1 Quest 2 The Next
Avalon Park and Preserve in Stony Brook is a favorite spot among locals, and it caught the attention of a family of outdoors enthusiasts – who then chronicled their adventures at the park on their website, 1quest2thenext.com.

Jason Fried and family called Avalon "a terrific place to spend a morning or afternoon with your significant other, your kids, even your dog." The Smithtown family observed the waterfowl and other animals in the area, along with the trails and the labyrinth.

Click here to read the family's full writeup and see their photos of Avalon Park.


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