Families Explore Frank Melville Park at Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday's Amazing Scavenger Hunt sent kids all over Frank Melville Park to solve riddles.

Outside the Frank Melville Memorial Park's historical red barn Tuesday, under clear skies and warm temperatures, roughly a dozen families gathered to compete in the park's second annual "Amazing Scavenger Hunt." 

"Ready, set, go!" shouted the event's organizer, Kerri Glynn.

"This is part of an educational program that began last year to teach awareness of the resources of the park, and to hopefully raise more money for the Save the Pond Campaign," Glynn said.

Participants were allotted 45 minutes to find objects around the park according to hints or riddles as described on the handouts they were provided.

One riddle read, "Watch your step as you look above, I bear past declarations of loss and love. My roots may trip you but don't despair, the ghosts of old couples will comfort you there." This particular riddle led participants, including the Willoughbys of Setauket, to a large tree adjacent to the pond.

"I think it's great," said Kati Willoughby, who attended the hunt with her children Nicole, 15, and Tom, 13. "I think it's wonderful families can come together. It's an outdoors event and creative way to enjoy the environment."  

Participants complimented Glynn and interns Lexi and Gini Krupp on their creativity in creating the riddles, which led others to a bench looking out towards Long Island Sound or a bridge on the site.

"We're having a blast," said Alison Pennino of Port Jefferson.

Setauket resident Shilpa Shah said, "The kids get familiar with the park and understand the importance of the environment." 

Frank Melville Memorial Park is hosting a picnic with music and stargazing this Friday, August 13, at 7:00 pm.


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