Do You Want a Tesla Museum?

Efforts to preserve Wardenclyffe and build a museum in Nikola Tesla's honor have hastened recently.

A few years ago, Nikola Tesla was a name more familiar with history and science buffs and locals who know of the his lab Wardenclyffe in Shoreham. Now, the Tesla name has blown up, as tshirts and bumper stickers have become popular, along with the bashing of Thomas Edison, known as his greatest rival.

There is a movie in the works about his life entitled Fragments of Olympus, and there have even been rumors of Christian Bale starring as Tesla in another film. Efforts by local nonprofit Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe to purchase the Tesla property in Shoreham and build a museum in his name recently took off after web comic creator The Oatmeal, a known Tesla fan who created a comic [warning: foul language] about him that started it all, began a fundraiser on indiegogo.com.

The fundraiser, has a goal of $850,000. The property is listed at $1.6 million, and the Shoreham non-profit has received a matching grant from New York State of up to $850,000. If the fundraiser reaches $850,000, the total with the matching grant would be $1.7 million, enough to purchase the property.

Patch first mentioned the fundraiser on Thursday when funds were just over $450,000. As of Monday morning, they are up to $716,617 and it looks as though the goal with be reached this week. New incentives for donating have been added as well, and all are multiples of Tesla's favorite number, three. A $33 donation gets you a "Tesla>Edison" bumper sticker, $333 gets a signed copy of the Tesla comic, $3,333 gets a self portrait comic drawn by The Oatmeal and $33,333 gets you a feature on his website.

The have also committed to donating $1 million, a quarter of their movie budget, in order to help preserve the property as well.

Patch wants to know, do you want a Tesla museum in Shoreham? Should the property be preserved and a museum built in his name, or would you prefer to see something else done to the property? Vote in our poll and tell us more in the comments section below.

Richard Riccoboni August 21, 2012 at 10:40 PM
I want to see the REAL power plant, the one underground below the decoy, I want to see tesla's real notebooks but unfortunately those were destroyed(along with Nicola himself) when JP morgan realized his invention which they were funding would make electricity free and limitless crippling their control.
Brian Williams August 22, 2012 at 03:02 AM
Nonprofits may be interested in applying for this grant:Grants to Inspire Growth in New York, California, and Missouri Communities LINK:http://newyork.grantwatch.com/grant/129849/grants+to+inspire+growth+in+new+york++++california++and+missouri+communities.html Grants ranging from $5,000 – $25,000 will be awarded to non-profits in New York, Missouri, and California for their programs that inspire and sustain growth in their communities Best of Luck in Finding Grants, Brian Williams
Richard Riccoboni August 22, 2012 at 11:47 PM
The government doesn't have artifacts, that project was funded by JP morgan, the machine worked and was gonna to produce and distribute electricity completely free of charge. JP morgan did not realize that there would be no way to monitor and control who uses this electricity and could not charge someone for is as there was no way to stop them from recieving power. When this was realized Tesla's notebooks were destroyed, his power plant and ultimately him, then they made his sucess into the story of an impossible dream like the UFO theory and made it fantastic to cloud it's truth.
James Olson August 28, 2012 at 05:59 PM
$1.149 Million raised so far (not incl. NYS $850K matching funds) and 33 days remaining per Indiegogo website.
Bob Bedrossian April 08, 2013 at 01:22 PM
I was never into the nuclear power plant in Shoreham, with Homer at the switch, but I do believe that the creation of a Tesla Museum will complement Brookhaven Lab and Stonybrook University, making our area the high tech science destination for Science. It will encourage high tech businesses to relocate here and bring good paying jobs to the local potato fields. It is time for North Shore residents to reclaim our past as the center of scientific advancement by supporting this museum and promoting it.


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