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6 Things People Want to See Happen in Three Village

Road improvements, tax relief to Fios top residents' wish lists.

Recently we asked Three Village Patch Facebook readers to comment on "What do you want to see happen in Three Village in 2014?"

Here's their wishes for 2014:
  • New roads, road repairs- "Some of the roads in 3V need complete resurfacing but at minimum all need safety and striping pavement makings to be repainted because these markings have faded and are virtually non-existent."
  • More sidewalks- " A sidewalk for the kids who live by sheep pasture and have to walk to ward Melville because there are no buses. Its crazy to have them walk in the dark in bike lines to school. There should be sidewalks."
  • Lower taxes- "Since most of our tax bill is school budget related and most of the budget is salaries, salaries must be lowered or our taxes will continue to skyrocket.
  • Fios

  • More inspirational stories (we like those too)

  • "All families and friends getting fit! Husbands, wives, kids, parents, grandparents, grandkids, great-grandparents, and anyone who wants a better quality of life!"

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