12 Library Picks to Check Out in 2012

These might help you choose or keep your New Year's resolutions.

Here are a few titles at the Emma S. Clark Memorial Library to give you some food for thought to start with in 2012:

  • Happy: Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Life by Ian K. Smith has been called a "life changer" by some reviewers.
  • Among the many guides for quitting smoking are Never Smoke Again by Grant Cooper and Quitting Smoking for Dummies by David Brizer.
  • The Busy Family's Guide to Volunteering by Jenny Friedman has been called "a must-read for all families."
  • Debt Free by 30: Practical Advice for the Young, Broke and Upwardly Mobile by Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck is among several titles aimed at fiscal health.
  • If you're looking to live a little greener, Green Guide: The Complete Reference for Consuming Wisely, published by National Geographic, may be for you.
  • The Digital Diet by Daniel Sieberg is for those who consume too much technology and want to trim down.
  • Need to change your thought patterns? Pick up Discover Your Genius: How to Think Like History's 10 Most Revolutionary Minds by Michael J. Gelb.
  • Weight loss is a common New Year's resolution. The library has a number of titles, including Ultra Fat to Ultra Fit by Noah Walton, The Food-Mood Solution by Jack Challem, and The 90/10 Weight Loss Plan by Joy Bauer.
  • Choices that Change Lives is written by Hal Urban, the same bestselling author responsible for Life's Greatest Lessons and Powerful Words, Powerful Results.


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